Mensuration Formulas

Mensuration        formulae
                                  அளவையியல்      சூத்திரங்கள்

Area of circle
Area of circle = Π r ²
Circumference of circle = 2 Π r
Area of triangle
Area of Equilateral-triangle = (√3/4) a²
Perimeter of Equilateral-triangle = 3a
Area of scalene triangle
Area of scalene triangle = √s(s-a)(s-b)(s-c)
Perimeter of scalene triangle  = a + b +  c
Area of semicircle
Area of Semi circle= (1/2) Π r²
Perimeter of semi-circle = Πr
Area of quadrant
Area of quadrant = (1/4) Π r²
Area of rectangle
Area of rectangle = L x W
Perimeter of rectangle=2(l+w)
Area of square
Area of square = a²
Perimeter of square = 4a
Area of parallelogram
Area of parallelogram = b x h
Area of quadrilateral
Area of quadrilateral=(1/2) x d x (h+h)
Area of rhombus
Area of rhombus =(1/2) x (d x d)
Area of trapezoid
Area of trapezoid =(1/2) (a + b) x h
Area of sector
Area of the sector = (θ/360) x Π r ² square units
(or)  Area of the sector = (1/2) x l r square units   
Length of arc = (θ/360) x 2Πr

Curved surface area = 2 Π r h
Total Curved surface area = 2 Π r (h+r)
Volume = Π r²h
Curved surface area = Π r l
Total Curved surface area = Π r (L+r)
Volume = (1/3)Π r²h
L² = r² + h²
Curved surface area = 4Π r²
Volume = (4/3)Π r³
Curved surface area = 2Π r²
Total Curved surface area=3Π r²
Volume = (2/3)Π r³
Curved surface area=4h(l+b)
Total surface area = 2(lb+bh+h l)
Volume = l x b x h
Curved surface area=4a²
Total surface area = 6a²
Volume = a³


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